2019 Metrodip Awards: Best of the Year

Every year, we at Metrodip partake in our extensive review of the year to bring you our top picks in categories from camps to drinks and foods. After our rigorous evaluation, these winners are truly the best in class.

Congratulations to all of our amazing 2019 Metrodip Award winners!

2019 Bibo’s Toy of the Year

Hajai (shrimp boy)

2019 Wine of the Year


2019 Beer of the Year

Coors Light

Coors Light

Runners up

2019 Hike of the Year

Bear Mountain

Runners up

2019 App of the Year

Little Countdown

Runners up

2019 Meal of the Year

El Bruja and Phuket hotel food

Runners up (so many!)

2019 Coolmoves Camp of the Year

Joseph D. Grant

Runners up

2019 Run of the Year

Kaiser Half Marathon

Runners up

2019 Music show of the Year


Runners up