2022 Metrodip Awards: Best of the Year

After taking a year off from the Metrodip Awards to ponder the contestants, the judges are back with the 2022 Metrodip Awards. This year’s awardees span the USA and take us to the very best in all categories (except music which is a tie).

Congratulations to this year’s winners. It’s an honor just to be nominated.

Bozzy’s Toy of the Year

Winner Purple rope + Kong tennis ball
Runners up (Brown) Basketball, Eagle (RIP), Loofa dog snowman, The FOOT ball

Bibo Lifetime Achievement Award

🧡💚 Snortles, Stink face, El-lazerelle, Best dog ever, Chicken and small ants, Frisbee, Laying in the rocks in the shade at Salsahouse, Going beneath, Face rubbings, Bag, Tolerating camping, Side swimming at toys, Wine tasting, Corks, Being picked up by ladies, 4/17/22

Wine of the Year

Winner Anaba Wines

Beer of the Year

Winner Coors Light
Runners up Due to pregnancy, starting halfway through 2022 lots of Non-Alcoholic Beer were sampled. They were all O.K.

Hike of the Year

Winner Ludington state park
Runners up Sedona Little horse, Pinnacles (flashlight), Christmas Tolay Lake regional park, Lake Tahoe rim trail (partial)

App of the Year

Winner Little Countdown: Day Planner, many new updates! Good job developers!
Runners up Little Memory: Daily Journal

Foodles of the Year

Winner Trestles in Capitola
Runners up Old Hamlin’s Ludington (Breakfast), Mariposa + Cucina Rustica Sedona, Ludington Meat Company (Lunch), Tupolo Honey Kitchen and Bar, Grand Rapids (Breakfast), Reserve Wine and Food Grand Rapids (Dinner), Michigan Honey Crisp Apples

Coolmoves Camp of the Year

Winner Standish Hickey
Runners up Van Damme SP, Bodega Dunes

Run of the Year

Winner Stout Stumble (Pentwater) 5K

Music Show of the Year

Winner Tainted Love
Runners up Balkan Bump, Verve Pipe, Star Farm at Brian and Rion’s anniversary, Rivertown Revival

Album of the Year

Winner(s) TIE: Phoenix - Alpha Zulu and The Arcade Fire - WE

House of the Year

Winner Historic Emily Filer House
Runners up Salsahouse