Camp COOLMOVES: First Timers

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So, you’ve decided you’re coming camping with the COOLEST camp ever. AWESOME! You’re in for a treat!


Unless we’ve scheduled something special, expect to spend a fair amount of time around the camp site, enjoying the fresh air, the trees, the birds, and the great outdoors. Depending on where we camp and our mood, we may go on a hike in the area as well, but you’re not obligated to hike with us.

In the evenings, we like to lounge around the campfire, listen to music, and enjoy some drinks, jokes, and good company. We can sometimes stay up pretty late, so be sure to bring some ear plugs if you’d like to hit the snoozer early!

What to bring

What to prepare

You should check the weather forecast on the days leading up to camping. We wouldn’t want you freezing yourself to death while camping with us, so please be prepared!

Also, be ready to have FUN! We love camping and love sharing our camp adventures with people in our lives. We can’t wait to have you join us at Camp COOLMOVES!