Sedona, Arizona

See the layers of rocks and mountains moving in parallax with each other.
See the varying colors of layers on the rocks.
Consider how you are standing in a place previously engulfed with water.
On a hike, think about when the last time that rock you stepped on was touched by another human or how far it’s traveled to get where it is today.
Why was that named Dead Man’s Pass?
What was it like to make the trail you walk on?
Who first walked it? Why?
See the clouds floating behind the rocks and mountains.
See the long shadows of the rays of sunset express and accentuate the textures of the stones.
Experience how small you are to how grand the world is around you.
See yourself from a distance, lost in the grandiosity of the scene.


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We love going to the Sedona Summit Resort. Your room has a small kitchen, they’ve got great views from the hot tub, and there are BBQ grills you can use for grilling up a storm in the evenings!

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