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2019 Season

Hi Everyone, and welcome to the 2019 Coolmoves season!

We cooled five amazing camp sites in the 2018 season and had many friends and family join along the way.

We have been hard at work organizing the upcoming season of Coolmoves and have already made a few reservations. As always, we will let you know our upcoming trips so you can get them on your calendars, and then we will send out a reminder email to get a final headcount a couple weeks in advance. It's first come first served, so be sure to let us know when you know if you want to join. We will also email with more reservation dates as they open up later in the summer.

New for 2019 is a special addition non-camping, international trip: Mexico will be cooled! Thanks to Ali's parents letting us use their timeshare week, we are able to invite folks with us to Puerta Vallarta this year. You get yourself there, and lodging is taken care of.

Looking forward to seeing many of you again this year, perfecting the perfect s'more, and figuring out what nifty new camping gear to purchase along the way. Coolmoves!

2019 Season Trips

Let us know if you’d like to join us in any of these trips!

Ivan, Ali, and Bibo

Portola Redwoods SP: August 24-25 [COOLED!]

Camp Coolmoves had another great camp! We took on Portola Redwood State Park with Ali, Ivan, Sir Bibo, our furry Shiba Inu friend Kula, and our new addition: our Subaru Crosstrek, affectionately and appropriately named Bluemoves!

The Goodness
  • Bluemoves was great on the twisties driving into the camp. We saw the fog rolling in and the sun, reddened by the unfortunately smoke-filled sky, as we made our way into the redwoods. We’ve got a moonroof too, so we could see the sky and the trees above us along the way too.
  • We also saw a cute little white wise owl hanging out in a meadow before we got to camp.
  • Every site there was enveloped within groves of ancient redwoods, and each site seemed to have a unique set of old and/or fallen trees that gave character to the little temporary homes.
  • This was the first time we brought astro-turf to use as a small front patio to place our shoes and for Bibo to lay on: it worked great!
  • Camp #27 was hugged on one side by the creek, which was great to have some added privacy.
  • Ali had the great idea to repurpose an old shower curtain to use as a table cloth. It was awesome, and really made things cozy at the table!
Things Learned
  • Kula no like camping and outdoors things.
  • Most of the hikes didn’t allow dogs on the trail :(
  • We tried Safeway’s generic brand of La Croix called Refreshe Spritzer but were not impressed: they were too sweet for our tastes, especially when they got warm.
  • Don’t buy the Reliance Nylon Water Container: the first one we got tore before even using it, and this one the spout leaked. We’ll be returning it!
  • We should really try to do a better job of taking more photos.

Another great trip!

April 13-14: Samuel P. Taylor COOLED!
May 5-6: Mt. Diablo COOLED!
June 29-July 1: Montana de Oro COOLED!
August 24-25: Portola Redwoods COOLED!

Bibo enjoying the view from the top of Mt. Diablo

Mt. Diablo: May 5-6, 2018 [COOLED!]

Camp Coolmoves had another successful outing this past weekend. We took on the Juniper Campground at Mt. Diablo with Jessie and Matt who learned us that we need to get a hatchet (amongst other things).

The Goodness
  • Juniper campground is first-come, first-served with which site you get; we got lucky with campsite #17 with an epic unobstructed view of the bay and the sunset.
  • We found an Ace Hardware in Lafayette right off the freeway where we were able to buy bundles of wood since the campgrounds at Mt. Diablo didn’t sell them (thanks for the heads up, Jessie!).
  • Jessie made a yummy “Hobo Dinner” for us, and Ali brought some pre/pro-biotic coleslaw that was a great compliment to it.
  • In the morning, we drove up to the summit to see a panoramic view of both the Bay and the Central Valley.
  • Ali and I’s new inflatable mattress was a lifesaver that helped us through the cold night and made a world of a difference: great addition to our pack!
Things Learned
  • Campsite #17 is on a slope; well, at least the picnic area was. A few falls were the cost of a great view!
  • We added the word “enantiodromia” to our vocabulary.
  • Our "rival camp," The Racoons, stole our Trader Joe’s hot dogs! Grrrr!
  • They also got into our fly trap's bait: we hope they were poisoned by it.

A great trip!

Mt. Diablo COOLED!

Bibo enjoying the view from the top of Mt. Diablo

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